Battle Creek Native Pens Follow-Up to Bestselling novel on Teen Dating Violence

After Battle Creek native Christine Doré Miller released her debut novel “Forgiven are the Starry-Eyed” in April 2019, a book that centered on a fictional teen caught in an abusive relationship, she knew there was more material to explore.

The follow-up novel explores the fallout of a toxic relationship for the fictional Andrea Cavanaugh as she enters her first year of college. The first book took place in the fictional town of Oakwood in Southwest Michigan, and the second book in the series picks up a year after the events of “Forgiven are the Starry-Eyed,” and Cavanaugh’s personal journey as a survivor of an abusive relationship…,,

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Raising Awareness of Teen Dating Violence

In 2016, 16-year-old Emma Walker was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Her mother, Jill, continues to use her story to raise awareness. “I want people to realize it can be anybody, it can happen to anybody,” said Jill Walker. “I want to be Emma’s voice and hopefully help more lives.” Teen dating violence is real, but it’s not often talked about. Walker is trying to change that.

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