About This Site

Hello and thank you for visiting.

I chose to create this site on Dating Abuse Education and Prevention because it’s an issue that affects 1 in 3 high school and college-age girls and yet many are not aware of it’s prevalence or that it even exists.

I also chose this topic because of my own experience with an unhealthy relationship. I didn’t know the warning signs and that’s the problem I’m trying to address with my project. I believe that by educating girls about dating abuse and dispelling common myths, they can avoid unhealthy relationships — and if they are in one, they can find the help to leave and reclaim their lives.

On this site, you will learn:

  • What dating abuse is and it’s effects on teen girls
  • How to help yourself or someone else
  • What healthy relationships look like
  • Hear real stories of girls who experienced and survived dating abuse

Knowledge is power and my goal is to give girls both the knowledge AND the power to recognize dating abuse, expect respect from their partners and choose to only be in healthy relationships.