Healthy Relationships


6 Signs of a Healthy Teen Relationship:

  • You give each other space to hang out with friends and family.
    It’s healthy when teens are balancing all of the relationships in their lives, as well continuing to pursue hobbies, academics and activities outside of their romantic partnership.
  • Your speak to each other with respect
    In a healthy relationship, partners avoid use of mocking or demeaning tones, constant criticism and name calling.
  • You feel free to disagree with each other.
    If one partner doesn't feel comfortable speaking their mind or seems afraid to disagree with their partner, it could be a red flag.
  • Physical boundaries are respected.
    Partners in a healthy relationship respect each other's boundaries. This includes not pressuring someone to use alcohol or drugs or engage in sexual activity if they don't want to and obviously includes no physical aggression.
  • You have control over your choices.
    You should feel able to wear clothing you choose, go where you want to go, be friends with whom you want and do what you like to do – without fear of a partner being upset or trying to control you.
  • You exhibit healthy digital behavior.
    As long as texts aren’t excessive, intrusive or aggressive, it's not a problem. However, if texts or social media contact become abusive or if someone is pressuring their partner to send compromising photos, it's time to talk about digital boundaries.

(courtesy of Love is Respect)

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